Bachelor of Visual Arts
Majoring in Drawing and Painting
University of Ballarat, Victoria.

Short Biography:
After finishing her degree, Cara moved to Port Douglas where she now spends her time working as a Visual Artist. The environment, both coastal and inland is the inspiration for her mixed media works.

Artist’s Statement:
“I love looking at the way the environment is structured. By breaking down the elements into basic components… I can then relate to them creatively.
I enjoy light, colour and texture equally. Mixed media lets me incorporate all of those components together.Living amongst such incredible surroundings and getting to experience the sensory elements of nature each day, are both important in my life and in my work.”

Creating the Work:
The collage technique forms a significant part of Cara’s works. It allows her to mix mediums together to enhance the sense of environment and landscape. Cara explores the local area for natural bits and pieces. These include stones, shells, timber and any interesting organic materials. The found elements then become part of the individual works. Painting, drawing and printmaking are facets of Cara’s works: along with the photography element of the collages.